Advice & Product development

Shipbuilding is a traditional sector in which beautiful, old crafts are used. You could therefore close your eyes to innovation. The use of plastic films is often unknown.

And that is a shame, because modern films can add a lot in terms of function, technology and aesthetics.



Yacht Colors is the partner that helps you to consider this type of new technology. The benefits, but also the disadvantages and risks.

Be better, more creative, more efficient, more versatile and more innovative. You can embrace new techniques without letting go of the old tradition.


Product development

Yacht Colors is very active in research and development of products. We do this in-house, but we also use our close ties with the manufacturers.

We sit at their “ kitchen table” and help think about the construction of the film and recipe of the adhesive layer.
Sometimes a specific question from a customer is the reason for a completely new product development.

In the past 40 years, many professional challenges have crossed our path. In our opinion, there is almost no issue that we have not yet solved.